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Hope Lane

Hope Lane’s new album, It’s All Us is hands down my favorite album of the year! It has fun pop dance songs and amazing ballads. Thank you for making this album ❤️”

Meet HOPE LANE: 4 young sibling musicians that became a band in 2018 at ages 11, 9, 8 and 6. All are singers, songwriters & multi-instrumentalists… and those sibling harmonies are 🔥.

The siblings are known for their viral videos on Instagram and YouTube. Hope Lane also have a catalog of original music released worldwide. The band released several indie pop singles in 2021 and their first full album, “It’s All Us” in December 2022. Hope Lane released their first pop CCM song, “Without You” in July 2023, and a nostalgic new Christmas song in 2023, adding to their unique catalog of original music streaming on all major digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more).

Hope Lane album "It's All Us"

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Amelia Wells

Amelia is a musical prodigy. She masterfully plays violin, is a skilled performer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Only one word comes to mind when seeing Amelia perform. WOW!

Meet Amelia – 11 yr old violinist, singer, songwriter + recording artist.

Amelia is the violinist and a main contributor of new songs for the pop CCM band, HOPE LANE. Amelia started her music career at age 5, begging her parents to play violin. Fast forward 6 years and now she takes center stage at amphitheaters and venues across the US (including joining Lindsey Stirling on the IOWA Grandstand stage). Amelia has music out on all major streaming platforms spanning multiple genres including Pop, CCM, and popular violin covers.

Asher (aka A✙)

Asher is a natural born performer.. He rocks the stage wherever he goes. His songwriting and beat-making skills rival the greats.

Meet Asher – teenage singer, songwriter, drummer, beat-maker, guitarist, pianist, funny guy and dance machine. Asher performs and brings joy everywhere he goes, especially on the main stage.

Asher is the drummer and main contributor of new songs for the pop CCM band, HOPE LANE. He began singing and playing drums at age 5. Asher also has his own creative blend of original music (Pop, CCM, hip-hop, r&b) that has his fans and listeners craving more.

Robby Wells

Watching Robby perform is pure joy! He lights up the stage with his soulful vocals and overflowing energy. It is so natural for him to lead people of all ages into the presence of God 🙏🏻

Meet Robby – teenage worship leader, songwriter, singer, keyboardist, bassist & recording artist.

Robby is a lead singer, keyboardist, bassist and a contributor of new songs for the pop CCM band, HOPE LANE. Robby started on the piano at an early age and amazed everyone when he started singing (think a young Justin Bieber) which catapulted him to be a lead vocalist. Robby loves leading worship and writing CCM songs. Robby has music out on all major streaming platforms.

Meet RWW – aka (Robert W Wells) – our resident Hope Lane Records Producer. An accomplished singer, songwriter, beat-maker, and multi-instrumentalist.

Earlier in his music career, he was the frontman, lead singer/songwriter for Forget Reason (Pop/Rock), and Soul Faction (Pop/Neo Soul). 💿’s available (joking 🤣… this was before streaming was a thing!) Shifting from frontman to producer and our technology guru, RWW focuses on coaching, co-writing and producing new original music helping inspirational young musicians launch their music careers. [LEARN MORE]

Graham Albright album cover "Want You"

Graham Albright

Graham’s musicality is so far beyond his years. He writes such catchy and melodic songs. I could put his songs on repeat and listen to them all day long!

Graham Albright is burning up the music scene with his unique crossover blend of country and pop stylings. 

Graham’s musical craftsmanship is well beyond his age. He released his first songs at age 15 and has been making and performing music since an early age. Graham is a songwriter, singer and producer, proficient playing multiple instruments. He often plays every instrument in the recordings of his original songs.


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